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Our Nubian Does

Information and pictures will be added as time allows

 I apologize for the quality of the pictures - we do not show, so do not clip our girls.  They also aren't trained to be set up, so we aren't able to capture them at their best.  Feel free to contact us about meeting them in person. 

As we develop our herd, we are moving toward disbudded, registered does.  Several of our foundation does will be available after Appraisal in 2017.  Please let us know if there is a doe that you are interested in.

S-Stone Farms Beacon’s Jaz *M


American Nubian – AN1501285                 

Born 5/12/2009                  

Color:  Reddish brown, frosted ears


              SS: *B CH Pruittville’s Tom Sawyer EX91 (VEE)

Sire: CH Price O The Field Beacon EX92 (EEE) G6S normal by test

              SD:  Price O The Field Lady Redeema VG88 (VVVE)


               DS:  Alchemy-Acres Shakiras Merlin

Dam:  Slate Woods Jaz Jingles VG88 (VEVV) 

               DD: Slate Woods Juniper’s Jazmyne 5*M


Linear Appraisal

7-03 VG 87(VEVV)


Jazmyne was our first registered dairy goat.  She has taught us a lot over the years.  She has an awesome, socked-on udder.  All of her daughters have been nicely level with well-attached udders.

Jazmyne will be bred to Red this fall.  Kids will be due in late January.  First doe will be retained.

Slate Woods Duchess Judda *M


American Nubian – AN1607298                          Born 11/19/2011                      

Color:  Black, frosted ears


            SS: *B Kastdemur’s Walk the Line

Sire: N. KY Windyacres Mikhalis

            SD:  N. KY Windyacres Dominique


           DS:  Slate Valley Sir Malachi

Dam:  Slate Woods Lady Joleen

           DD: Slate Woods Juniper’s Jazmyne 5*M


Linear Appraisal

4-09 VG 88(VEVV)


Judda joined our herd in the spring of 2013.  We loved our Slate Woods ‘J’ line Jazmyne so much, that when we had the opportunity to add another granddaughter of Juniper’s Jazmyne, we jumped at it.  She is a long, tall doe.  We have 3 daughters in our herd, and they are all maturing beautifully.


Judda will be bred to Red this fall for February kids.

Trivium T/A Annabelle


Purebred Nubian – N1747817          

Born 2/12/14         

Color:  Black, white muzzle, poll, ears; brown trim

           SS: Pruittville’s Legend EX92 (EEE)

Sire: Pruittville’s L/M Triumph EX92 (EEE)

           SD:  CH Pruittville’s Magnolia EX92 (EEEE)


          DS:  Foxwood Amazin’ Danny Boy

Dam:  Trivium Abigail

         DD: Infinity MM Endora


Linear Appraisal

2-06 G+ 82(V+++)


Annabelle joined our herd in the summer of 2015.  She brings in the genetics we are moving toward with our Nubians.  She is milking wonderfully this year, and is on track to earn her *M designation.

Her sire, Triumph, is a large black buck with tan trim and silver ears. This is what his breeder had to say about him:  “Triumph stands with great feet and legs. He is structurally correct throughout. Triumph spent his first two years leased out so we don't have daughters that have freshened as yet but we sure like what we see. His offspring are all very correct with good width through-out and good substance of bone. His daughter, Pruittville's Gabriella was the 2010 National Reserve Champion. Triumph has two paternal sisters that are Champions and they are Gch Pruittville's Gardenia 91VEEE and CH Pruittville's LG Lantana 88VEVV. His dam, CH Pruittville’s Magnolia 92EEEE is one of our favorite does who has won many Best Doe In Show Awards. Magnolia is amazing! So strong on her feet and legs, even though she will be 12 years old in March of 2013. Magnolia has also done well at the National Shows. She was the 11th place 2 year old, 6th place 4 year old and 4th place Aged doe at 7 years old and again 3rd place, 3rd udder at the 2010 Nationals as a 9 year old.”


Annabelle will be bred to Legend this fall for March kids.

Trivium R/S Serena


Purebred Nubian – N1747818                

Born 6/13/2015            

Color:  Red; splash on left, white poll, trim

         SS: +*B SG Lakeshore EX Summer Exodus

Sire: *B Woest-Hoeve FF Ropper

         SD:  SGCH Iron-Owl Flip Flop 4*M EX90 (VEEE)


         DS:  Pella’s Triple C River of Time

Dam:  Trivium R/TA Solitaire *M VG 86(VVV+)

         DD: Trivium Abigail


Linear Appraisal

Serena has not yet been appraised


We were thrilled to have the opportunity to add this Ropper daughter to our herd.  She was stunning from the day she was born – wide and long with a very correct Nubian head.  She freshened in 2017 with a solidly-attached, globular udder that milks down to nothing.  She has grown well this year with a deep chest and excellent width throughout.  I am looking forward to seeing what another freshening will bring.


Serena will be bred to Red this fall for April kids.