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About our Goats

All the milk for our soap comes from our hard-working girls.  They are an integral part of our farm.  

Herd Background

Our herd began in 2004 with a Nigerian / Boer cross buck.  We soon realized he needed some friends, and the herd grew from there.  In November of 2008, I traded two weaned Boer cross doelings for an adult Nubian / Saanen cross doe.  She got bred the day we brought her home.  In the spring, she freshened with such a huge udder, that I decided to try milking her.  From that point on, my destiny was set - I've never turned back.

We strive to breed kids that are an improvement on their dam.  Our focus is on milk production, and to that end, we strive to choose bucks with strong milk records behind them.  We breed for animals who are functional into the later years of their lives, and who look best when they are mature, rather than animals who look great as kids, only to fizzle when they should be at their peak.   Our long-term goal is to have a herd of does who can consistently milk for 20 months between freshenings. 

Some of the lines forming our Alpine herd are: Tempo-Aquila, Redwood Hills, Shining-Moon, Spinning-Spider, and Noble SpringsSome of the lines forming our Nubian herd are: Goddard Farm, Crow's Dairy, Foremost,Blissberry, Kastdemur, Pruittville, and Slate Woods. We combine the best genetics from both breeds to develop our Nubian/Alpine Experimentals.

We have been participating in DHIR (milk test) with the A.D.G.A. (American Dairy Goat Association) Since 2011.   We will be participating in our first Linear Appraisal in 2013.  Visit and Like Us on Facebook.  Thank you for visiting our site and please let us know if we can be of any help.

We would like to thank All of the farms we have purchased animals from along the way.  We appreciate the advice and guidance we have received on our journey.
We have been participating in DHIR (milk test) with the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) Since 2011.   We also participate in Linear Appraisal as our schedules allow.  Visit and Like Us on Facebook.  Thank you for visiting our site and please let us know if we can be of any help.We would like to thank All of the farms we have purchased animals from along the way.  We appreciate the advice and guidance we have received on our journey.

Health Testing

We have a clean herd and currently only test for CAE.  Our last full-herd, all negative test was in March of 2021.  Feel free to contact us for a copy of the results.  We have had no instances of CL on our farm.  We have in the past tested for CL, TB, and Brucellosis, all results were negative.  As we live in a TB & Brucellosis-certified-free state, we have discontinued this testing.

Genetics Testing

      G6S Testing

G6S is an abbreviation for a genetic defect. G6S is simple to test for.  Many of our foundation Nubians are Normal based on parentage.  In 2016, we began the process of testing all animals with any Nubian genetics.  All animals tested to-date are Normal (N/N).  We will provide test results for the parents on any kids purchased.

      DNA Testing

 Through ADGA we have the opportunity to DNA type individuals. One benefit of DNA typing is in the event of an accidental breeding, DNA testing is the only way to guarantee parentage and maintain the integrity for a breeding program.  We have started the process of DNA typing, and will continue testing a few animals each year, until the entire herd has been DNA typed.

Performance Testing

Annual DHIR, or Milk Test, is very important to us. Although we aren't a dairy, protein and butterfat levels are important to us, as we use the milk for cheese making and soap. Consistent tracking of Somatic Cell Count alerts us to any potential problems with the animals and quality of the milk.  This allows us to address any potential health issues before the animal is in distress.

Linear Appraisal

We added Linear Appraisal to our breeding program in 2016.  This tool allows us to capitalize on good traits and strengthen areas of weakness in our breeding program.  It also helps us to better judge our own animals, which will assist in matching requests with specific animals.

Our Goals
We love working with our Dairy goats. We continuously breed strong milkers with a long steady lactation, that are also beautiful animals and have a loving temperament that are a joy to work with.

Grade A Dairy Project

Our long-term goal is to establish and operate a licensed, Grade A Raw Milk and Cheese Dairy.  Stay tuned for more!

We will be updating our herd information during 2021 to update pictures on all our does and add our younger animals.  Stay tuned.

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