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Our Nubian Does

Information and pictures will be added as time allows

 I apologize for the quality of the pictures - we do not show, so do not clip our girls.  They also aren't trained to be set up, so we aren't able to capture them at their best.  Feel free to contact us about meeting them in person.

In 2019, we attempted to eliminate Nubians from the herd.  We ended up deciding we just enjoyed them too much to completely let go of them!  So, we will be retaining a small herd of Nubians.  


American Nubian – AN1773225

Born 3/15/2016

Color:  Red Roan, frosted ears, small splash


            SS: +*B Kastdemur’s Almost Famous VG85 (+V+)

Sire: *B Blissberry Almost Legendary

            SD:  Blissberry California Girl 4*M G81 (++AA)


            DS:  N. KY Windyacres Mikhalis

Dam:  Slate Woods Duchess Judda *M VG 88(VEVV)

            DD: Slate Woods Lady Joleen


Linear Appraisal

Jennista has not been appraised

One of our Legend daughters, Jennista was one of those does I fell in love with at birth, and every time I spot her in the field, she catches my breath.  I’m hoping she is as productive as she is beautiful!


Jennista will be bred to an outside buck Fall of 2019. 

D's Darlins Jessica Jones


American Nubian – AN1809234

Born 1/27/2016

Color:  Red; frosted ears; white and black trim


           SS: +*B Kastdemur’s Almost Famous VG85 (+V+)

Sire: *B Blissberry Almost Legendary

            SD:  Blissberry California Girl 4*M G81 (++AA)


           DS:  CH Price O The Field Beacon EX92 (EEE)

Dam:  S-Stone Farms Beacon’s Jaz *M VG 87(VEVV)

         DD: Slate Woods Jaz Jingles VG88 (VEVV)


Linear Appraisal

Jonesie has not been appraised


Jaz was a favorite doe of ours.  When the opportunity came up to bring back one of her daughters, we jumped!  We are looking forward to her freshening and earning her *M status to continue the legacy her dam began.


Jonesie will be bred to an outside Nubian buck this fall.


American Nubian –   AN2025773

Born 2/27/2019

 Color:  Black; Frosted ears

            Miss Hattie is a new addition for 2019.  We are looking forward to watching her mature.  She's such a sweet chunky monkey!  Image to follow.

Miss Hattie will be kept dry for 2020, possibly being bred for fall kids.

Azbill's RF Stormcloud Dancing


Grade Nubian – GN2024162

Born 4/29/2019

Color:  brown spotted; white topknot



Stormy is another new addition for 2019.  She was born small, and is taking her time growing.  But, we're patient and see the potential in this beautiful young doe.  More info to follow.          Image to follow.

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